King's Golf Quest

What is King's Golf Quest?

I moved to the Coachella Valley in September of 2012. I quit golf in 2008, but having all these golf courses around has sparked my interest again for this really, REALLY stupid game. So in February 2013 I took up the game again, and I'm trying to be somewhat serious about it and get my game back into shape.

So I've set a goal (one which I might never attain) to play every golf course here in the valley. I realize that many are private and some are very exclusive, but I hope to win over members of those courses so I can play them and then write about my experience.

So if you are a member of a private course that I might not otherwise be able to play, and if you would like to invite me to play as your guest, I would be grateful. I will then write about my day of golf at your course and post it here.

See a complete list of courses here.